Convergency Communications

What is Convergency Communications?

Convergency Communications is an Internet Marketing and Communications firm. We specialize in bringing our clients unique solutions to solve their digital needs, including:

Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Need help navigation the social graph. We’ve lead clients down the road to social media success through education, development of editorial calendars, and training to truly engage their audience rather than communicating at them.

Email Marketing
We offer a full suite of Email Marketing tools including a web-based campaign management center, address book services, and full-statistical tracking on broadcast emails. Our Email Marketing solutions are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant, and as such, we require that your list be 100% opt-in (with proof). Both custom installations or managed hosting solutions are available.

Web Development
From needs and requirement planning to launch, Convergency Communications offers a full suite of Web Development solutions, including Needs and Requirement Planning, Information Architecture, Design, Database/Content Management System Integration, and Deployment. Rather than lock our clients into one method of development, we will develop to your needs. So if your hosting environment is Apache with MySQL or PostgreSQL, Windows IIS with SQL Server, Coldfusion, or Websphere we have expertise to develop to your needs.

Search Engine Optimization
We continuously stay up-to-date on search engine strategies. Whether you are looking for organic search engine results or are ready to jump into the world of Pay-Per-Click Advertising, our experts are ready to develop the proper campaign to suit your needs.

Research and Competitive Intelligence
Keeping pace with the rapid change of the business environment is crucial to keep with the market. Convergency Communications offers custom-tailored solutions to keep you in the information loop. Our existing clients like to consider us their own personal CIA agent!

Branding and Marketing
We build brands, pure and simple. Whether you are searching for the perfect or help standing out from the competition, we are here to help.

For detailed information regarding our services, please Contact Us via email and let us know how we can help you!